Here I will tell you more about the help these groups give to people with disabilities.

Self advocacy is being able to stand up for your rights. This concept is very important for people with disabilities. Very often people with disabilities are looked at as unable to speak for themselves. Self Advocacy helps teach them how to do this.

AmeriCorps is part of Self Advocacy. This program was started in 1993 by President Clinton as a national volunteer organization. Our project is called Our Experience is the Best Teacher.

A person is able to serve a two year term. When I was in AmeriCorps I learned alot professionally and I was able to learn alot about myself. I joined AmeriCorps in January, 2001. We went around to agencies, schools, colleges and other places to teach the community about people with disabilities.

While I was in AmeriCorps I learned much more about Self Advocacy. I also found out the public speaking was my calling in life. I realized that I wanted to do this all the time.
Also, during my time in AmeriCorps I found out about a new concept called Self Determination, which I will be telling you about in another part of this site.

Please check the other areas of this site to learn more about what I have been doing since my days with AmeriCorps.

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