Below are some pictures and stories from my trip to Disney World two years ago.  The great news is, I plan to go back in September of this year with my mom and a friend.  I am really looking forward to going again. I will share stories when I get back home.

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Well, our Disney Trip is over and we had a great time there.  We spent a week, and we could have stayed alot longer.  It was a great vacation for all of us.

We got a direct flight, both ways, which made it alot easier, considering three of us used wheelchairs.

The accomodations, at the Coronado Springs Resort were wonderful,  And very accessable.

We hit all the parks, more than once, and ate alot of new and different foods.  We ate Japanese, French and Morrocan, as well as American food.

Our first night there we went to EPCOT and saw the Illuminations show.  It was great, as was the Magic Kingdon parade.

I got to go on the Haunted Mansion...after transferring from my chair to a Doom Buggy.  The cast members let us go through twice, which was alot of fun.




It takes alot of planning ahead for a trip

In November of this year I will be going on a very special trip.  I will be spending a week at Walt Disney World in Floridaother people.  This will be the first major trip I have taken on my own, without family.  I am really excited about this. 

Three of us in the group are in wheelchairs, so there is alot of advance planning to make this trip go well for us.

Marie is coming along to help me out, so this is a great opportunity for us.   We have been doing alot of research on the internet about accessability at WDW.  Marie found a great website, which covers alot of what we will need to know about what rides and attractions are accessible for us.  It lets us know which attractions we can stay in our chairs for, and which we would have to transfer to a ride vehicle for.  There are a few which will not accommodate us, but we will still have plenty to do.

We decided to go with the Disney Dining plan, meaning we have pre paid for our meals.  On the plan we get one counter service meal, one table service meal and one snack each day.  Knowing our meals are paid for is a great help, and means less money we have to carry.

Part of our planning is making sure we have accessable rooms.  That means having a bathroom large enough to get into with our chairs.  It will also need grab bars around the toilet and a roll in shower with a shower chair.

Another exciting thing for me is that I will be able to use my power chair down there, giving me alot more freedom and independance.  We have gotten a direct flight both ways, which means no changing planes.  Great news for us.

Our hotel is the Coronado Springs, one of the moderate priced hotels.  This hotel was suggested as it apparently has the best accessable rooms.

I will write more as the trip gets closer, and also write a report with pictures afterward.